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1MORE headphones won China's Good Design Award
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    The 30th of October in 2016, the awarding ceremony of the second year of China's Good Design Awards (China Good Design, CGD) was held in Xiamen, sponsored by the Red Dot Award of Germany. On the first years of China's Good Design Award, 1MORE won the gold medal of China's good design because of the design of their Millet headset. This year, 1MORE once again won its praise with the product 1MORE three-driver balanced armature headset. 1MORE balanced armature headphones were awarded the "2016 China's Good Design" award for its excellence and becoming the only award-winning small headset of all the competing products.
The award-winning 1MORE design team added special significance in the fierce competition with many other headset products. As a result, 1MORE In-Ear Earphones became the tournament only winning small headset of all the competing products. In 2015, the 1MORE design of the Millet headset headphones was also recognized by the international review committee and therefore won the "China's Good Design" gold medal.
In the recent years, the Chinese design awards are continuously only hosted by the international companies. So, the Chinese companies can only apply for the foreign design awards, because there is a lack of local design awards in China, even though, there are many local Chinese brand that have a nice design and great products. Furthermore, one of the international companies sponsoring the "China good design Award (China Good Design) referred to as CGD, is the German Red Dot Award for new institutions of China's international design awards. Its divided into gold, winning awards and honours Award. The creation of the Chinese Design Award has encouraged many local Chinese companies to be creating a better design of their products.
The CGD has a total of 2098 registered products from around the world to participate in the competition, 498 products won the nomination. After the 12 international jury reviewed and nominated the products, they selected 20 for the award winning together with Dr. Peter Zach, the founder and President of the German Red Dot Award, who is also part of the CGD international jury of twelve top global industrial designers.
The 1MORE three-driver balanced armature headset is a leading star of the 1MORE headsets in the awarding the Japanese audio Association Hi-Res Audio certification, and won also the users and the media consistent good evaluation, which makes 1MORE currently the most popular single product. The attractive appearance of the headset is an overall Nordic minimalist design with more than 20 precision metal processes and quenching aluminium alloy sound chamber. Furthermore, the metallic titanium black and deep gold design in a combination of light and deep shades gives a contrast, which creates a luxury fashion appearance.
    Although 1MORE three-driver balanced armature headset has been released for less than a year, it already won the domestic and foreign media and consumer praise, because of the excellent quality. CNET, Consumer Reports and other international websites and magazines have recommended this brand of headphones to consumers as the one out of all the Chinese brands.
    1MORE balanced armature headset's earlier stunning debut in 2016 of America's CES, is the manifestation of 1MORE and the international well-known brand MISFIT wearable fashion. The In-Ear earphones have a type of design that is mellow capsule in its appearance with an innovative style regarding the way to wear it. The earphone is placed in the ear canal, giving a more docile and light appearance, and the nice fitting makes sure the earphone will not fall easily out of your ear while wearing them.
    In the earphone bag that adopts the magnetic design, you can use it as a necklace when not in use and therefore not losing easily as it gives more personality.
    The original intention of 1MORE designs was to build headphones with an appreciation concerning nature and beauty in its appearance. From the user's point of view, the 1MORE is carefully designed with each product, which is exclusive to the 1MORE headphones unique aesthetics. Prior to this, 1MORE was created within 3 years to win 10 international design awards with brilliant record, which covers the German Red Dot Award and iF Design Award that included the prize from iF.
    "Doing Chinese original good design" is the mission of 1MORE and supporting local awards has also become the pursuit and hope of 1MORE. 1MORE believes that one day China will have its own influential Senior Design Award, which will be crowned with good design from China!