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The best product was released at the Europe2016 CanJam show, and a Chinese company won the prize aga
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     On September the 24th in 2016, the CanJam Europe2016 exhibition was held in Essen, Germany. CanJam is the premier headphone and personal audio Expo, hosted by, the world's largest headphone and personal audio enthusiast site.
    The exhibition also attracted more than 100 digital audio brand exhibitors, including many well-known brands such as Sennheiser and Shure.
Recently, the show announced the exhibition's best product award with 19 digital audio products from more than 100 participating brands and more than 1000 headset, music players, AMP's and accessories in talent shows itself.
     Much of the attention was on 1MORE three-way driver balanced armature headset, which also won the grand prize.
CanJam officially said: “In "the best portable headset" category, the biggest surprise is the three-way driver balanced armature headset, that is an excellent brand from 1MORE”.
    In the selection, a total of 3 Portable (small) headphones was on the list. 1MORE three-way driver balanced armature headset was first recommended. In addition to the 1MORE three-way driver balanced armature headset, there are many well-known brands of headphones, that has also been selected into the list of best product awards.
Headphones portable ranking  
1.    1MORE, Triple-Driver, In-Ear, headphone, E1001
2.    InEar ProPhile-8
3.    Shure KSE1500
    Overseas, the 1MORE three driver balanced armature headset has been relying on excellent sound quality and affordable price and therefore gained many consumers and enthusiasts praise. CNET, Consumer, Reports and many other media have recommended it to friends who like music.
Some media commented: "1MORE three driver balanced armature headset quality is excellent as very few". However, the moving coil drivers in metal composite diaphragm has been more used by a wide range of music bands. Finally, 1MORE have a balanced armature unit and an exclusive acoustic design, which is able to capture various waveform and reproduce a wide frequency bandwidth that has a harmonic balance and is richer in detail."