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Celebrate the opening of the WeiFang branch of AMQ
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        After a long period of planning and preparation we formally announced the AMT Shandong Weifang branch opening ceremony on the 30th November 2018.
        Our company will every day be operated by many AMT employees that has been intensively trained for acoustic development and production, and who is dedicated to the acoustic components research and development for breaking milestones to reach new technologies.
At the opening ceremony the Chairman of Gong Da Xie Guanghong Mr. Gao Fengjin, Deputy District Chief Mr. Hu Hongbo, Deputy Secretary of the district committee Mr. Zhang Longjiang and other officials attended. Other companies and business related not attending the ceremony congratulated instead via telegrams, gifts, flower baskets to wish the Shandong Weifang branch a prosperous opening.
        AMT has many years experiences for the development of Balanced Armature Receivers and has for more than 5 years had an intensively investment program that successfully developed the Chinese version of the Balanced Armature platforms to be market competitive thanks to our excellent team of mechanical- and Electro-acoustic engineers.

       Our balanced armature technology has been quality checked, validated by both national and international headset and hearing instrument customers who finds the AMT technology superior for the industry. Additionally, AMT is focused on improving their position by constantly developing new technology for the market, and several famous international brands headset and hearing instrument manufacturers are using AMTs speaker products today.
Today AMTs monthly production capacity is over 1 million pcs BA speakers, a capacity that quickly can be increased after demand due to the flexible production equipment that we have developed.
       Under the joint efforts of our more than 500 employees, AMT passed the ISO9001 system certification in 2014; won the Dark Horse Award hardware industry group champion in 2015; won the third award of China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Jiangsu Division) in 2016; at the same time, we passed the Changzhou talent plan project; we received the Hi-tech enterprise certification to mention some of our awards.
AMT has applied for 122 Patented technologies, 7 PCT patents has been authorized.

      The AMT company mission is to drive the innovation that combines the high-tech products with the general consumer electronics, and to develop the state-of-the-art audio technology that differentiate to the present market technology.

Welcome everyone! In AMT we are sincerely looking forward to cooperate with our operation in Weifang!